Company Profile

China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Baowu”), established by consolidation and restructuring of former Baosteel Group Corporation and Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation, was officially unveiled on December 1st, 2016. China Baowu is a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment companies with a registered capital of RMB52.79 billion, an asset scale of RMB739.5 billion and production capacity of 70 million tons. It ranks the first in China and second in the world. In 2017, China Baowu achieved the best management performance in China’s steel industry, generating operating revenue of RMB400.48 billion and profits of RMB14.27 billion, ranking 162th among Global Fortune 500 companies.

The vision of China Baowu is “to become a leader in global steel industry and a world-class business conglomerate.” Its mission is to “drive green and intelligent transformation and development of steel ecosphere as well as joint growth of all stakeholders of the enterprise”. It takes “Integrity, synergy, innovation and sharing” as core values, and is committed to building leading advantages in five aspects of steel production, green development, intelligent manufacturing, service transformation and distinctive profitability through reform and development and building of framework of coordinated development of related industries of new materials, modern trade logistics, industrial services, urban services, industrial finance etc. based on a green, premium and intelligent steel industry. It will finally form several pillar industries with RMB100 billion operating revenue and RMB10 billion profits and a batch of excellent enterprises with RMB10 billion operating revenue and RMB1billion profits.

Iron & Steel Industry is positioned to become the world’s leading and China’s No.1 premium steel manufacturer. With Baosteel Co., Ltd. as flagship, China Baowu is to shape strategic spatial layout compatible with the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy of the nation together with Bayi Iron & Steel, Shaoguan Iron & Steel, Echeng Iron & Steel, Baowu Special Refinery, Baosteel Desheng, Ningbo Baoxin and Baosteel Metals, etc..

New Material Industry is to build itself into a comprehensive material supplier and  service provider for solution schemes integrating R&D, manufacture and processing services to become second largest manufacturing business sector of China Baowu with strong growth potential and profitability in key development directions of high-property metal materials, manufacture and ductility processing of light metal materials, new-type carbon materials and fiber materials, new-type ceramic matrix composite materials, etc..

Modern Trade Logistics Industry provides service for raw and fuel materials for metallurgical industry, metal products and full circulation areas of relevant bulk commodities to build open platforms through co-development and sharing and service-type production system to actively promote restructuring of industrial order. 

Industrial Services provides full life cycle and system solution schemes for highly efficient operation as well as corresponding engineering services for enterprises and the society based on technology accumulation and brand advantages of the group with serving the group and industries as the starting point.

Urban Services Industry is to become China’s leading comprehensive developer of industrial parks and service provider for operation based on revitalizing of stock real estate with moderate increases of quantity through integration of “industry, finance, Internet and city” to focus on development of industrial property, expedite supporting city new industries, and innovate new models of “factory-industrial park-urban area” coordinated development.

Industrial Finance is to build a professional, market-oriented and platform-based industrial finance service system to provide financial comprehensive service of supply chain finance, industrial funds, asset management and social wealth management etc. for metallurgical and related industries and become one critical pillar industry of the group.