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China Baowu fulfilled tasks for China Taishan Antarctic station (Phase ‖) [ 2019-02-15 ]

Baosteel Engineering fulfilled successfully all tasks for China Taishan Antarctic Station (Phase‖) on Jan. 30.  The construction team will return with icebreaker Xue Long today.  


The construction team of Baosteel Engineering have overcome all difficulties of tight time schedule, heavy tasks and severe environmental conditions such as coldness, low oxygen, blizzard and ice crevice etc. and after 36 days of hard work, the installation and commissioning works of energy module, energy corridor, microgird and automatic power supply systems have been completed.  The China Taishan Antarctic Station can be put into operation now and Baosteel Engineering, in name of Baowu, has made important contribution to the cause of Antarctic Expedition of China.  The completeness of China Taishan Antarctic Station (Phase ‖) will further expand research area and territory for Antarctic Expedition of China.


The main contract for construction work of China Taishan Antarctic Station (Phase ‖) was signed between Baosteel Engineering and China Antarctic Research Center on Aug. 24, 2018.  Verification of project plan, detailed design, procurement, pre-assembly and commissioning were done before Oct. 21, 2018 and all devices needed for this project were transported on time to Xue Long, which sailed to the Antarctica.  On Dec. 25, the construction team of Baosteel Engineering arrived at China Taishan Antarctic Station together with the 35th research team of China Antarctic Expidition by Xue Long and started with their construction work there.  

Source:Baowu News Centre