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Testing and Verification Project of Steel Industrial Internet Platform of Baosight Software was Enlisted in National Piloting Demonstration Projects [ 2019-02-22 ]

Recently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC formally published “List of 2018 Industrial Internet Piloting Demonstration Projects”, 72 projects in four fields coming from integrated innovative application of networking revamping, integrated innovative application of identifier technology, integrated innovative application of platforms, and integrated innovative application for safety were enlisted, and “testing and verification project of steel industrial internet platform” declared by Baosight Software was ranked in the list.


After information technology building for decades, steel enterprises had basically accomplished five-layer IT infrastructure system from bottom to top including basic automation, process control, MES, ERP, and data warehouse. However, with IT development, and with growing diversification of user demands, limitations of traditional IT infrastructure had gradually displayed. While the  industrial internet, integrating big data, edge service and industrial APP made up for shortcomings of traditional IT infrastructure, and could realize integration of various data types, and sharing and interconnection.


Baosight Software had constantly focused on the latest trends of industrial development, and had established project department for Industry 4.0 four years ago to start with research on frontier technologies and development trends related to steel industry intelligent manufacture, and arrange in advance for industrial internet technologies. 


According to “Industrial Internet White Paper” released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and incorporating its own rich practical experiences of steel industry automation and information technology, Baosight Software would proceed from improving steel manufacturing intelligent equipments and enhancing enterprise big data application to build industrial internet platforms and systems applicable for the processes and industries, and become leading supplier of industrial internet system solution schemes. Through steel industrial internet platform building, it would realize “three interconnections”, to conduct concentrated data storage, management and calculation in cloud to realize “data interconnection” to satisfy demands for data by business; the platform could satisfy demands by multiple-base management and control within the group company and information sharing between enterprises to realize “management interconnection”; to comply with characteristics of dispersed, platform-type and short-process of network-type steel plants to satisfy demands for various types of information management systems by enterprises to realize “system interconnection”. 


In the next phase, Baosight Software would also lay emphasis on pushing forward research on steel industrial internet infrastructure, platform layer technologies, specifications of developing industry APPs, build up testing environment, and carry out testing for equipment access, edge service data, big data platform, industrial micro-service, industrial safety protection, etc., and develop steel industry application APPs to realize steel business management information system and process control system on the platforms.  

Source:Baowu News Centre