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Baosteel QP1500 High Performance Cold Rolled Quenched Ductile Steel is first launched worldwide [ 2019-03-08 ]

Recently, QP1500, a high-performance cold-rolled quenched ductile steel with tensile strength of 1500 MPa, was successfully offline in Baosteel after 3 years of continuous technical research. This is another important breakthrough in the third generation of advanced high strength steel since QP980 product was first launched worldwide in 2010. The first global launch of QP1500 means that Baosteel has taken a solid step on the road to boosting Baowu to become a global leader in steel industry. The elongation of QP1500 is 2 to 3 times than martensitic steel of the same grade, and its composition is similar to super high strength steel of the same grade, so it has good usability. After using QP1500, the cold stamping manufacturing of parts with complex shape can be realized. Compared with the existing cold stamping ultra-high strength steel, the weight can be reduced by 10-20%.

In recent years, automobile body lightweight has become the trend of international automobile industry development, and is the most important technical direction to achieve energy saving and emission reduction in automobile industry. Cold stamping ultra-high strength steel with both ultra-high strength and high formability is one of the most competitive technical paths to achieve weight reduction and high safety of automobiles at the same time, so it has become the key development direction of global steel and automobile factories.

In the past, the highest strength level of automotive steel for cold stamping was 1310 MPa. Hot stamping process was used to achieve higher strength parts. The successful launching of QP1500 for cold stamping in Baosteel provides the same level of cold stamping solution as the existing hot stamping steel, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of users and reduce the comprehensive cost.

QP steel is the representative of the third generation advanced high strength steel. In the development process of QP1500, the key team gave full play to the technical and equipment advantages of Baosteel, overcome technical difficulties such as material design, and achieved the smooth output of QP1500 in the traditional ultra-high strength steel production line.

In order to realize the trial production of QP1500, Baosteel's production, marketing and research team began to focus on key issues since 2015, systematically allocating the production resources of Baoshan, Dongshan and Baosteel Special Steel, giving full play to the technological and equipment advantages of different manufacturing bases, through the cooperation of multi-manufacturing bases, many difficult problems such as smelting difficulties were overcome, cold rolled ultra-high strength steel QP1500 has been trial-produced, which meets the design requirements.

In the next step, Baosteel will carry out systematic evaluation and application research on related performance with users, including mechanical properties, weldability and coating performance engineering evaluation of materials, and carry out trial production and evaluation on target parts to form the whole process technical scheme of QP1500 from manufacturing to application, which will further promote the lightweight of automobile body in the automotive industry.

Source:Baowu News Centre