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Baowu Carbon Materials strives to build a development platform for the Group's carbon-based materials industry [ 2019-03-12 ]

 This year, Baowu Carbon Materials will strictly adhere to the safety bottom line, steady operation, lean management, strengthening system construction, improving the management level and profitability of each production base;  Baowu Carbon Materials will adhere to strategic planning, focus on carbon-based materials, accelerate project realization and capacity expansion and innovative transformation, developing itself into a platform for China Baowu carbon-based materials industry. This is the annual operational policy determined at the Baowu Carbon Materials’ 2019 Annual Conference and Workers Congress held recently.


In 2018, Baowu Carbon Materials’ main business indexes exceeded the annual target and achieved year-on-year growth; All subsidiaries achieved profitability and the Group's five key control objectives all reached annual targets;  Product structure was further optimized and maximal scale benefits were achieved.  Accumulated tar processing and crude benzene processing increased by 41% and 52% respectively and the annual cost decreased by 89.25 million yuan.


In order to accomplish this year's operational targets, Baowu Carbon Materials will focus on the construction of carbon materials projects, enhancement of the ability of the management system, innovation of the organizational mechanism and building synergistically the steel industry ecosystem.  Baowu Carbon Materials will improve the two essential protections for safety and environment, strive to enhance the company's profitability and the marketing capability, accelerate the project development of carbon materials planning, set up carbon materials research institute, accelerate carbon materials research and development, continue to deepen integration and fusion, accelerate the development of water treatment industrialization, accelerate to improve Ouyeel Chemicals platform service capability, increase the promotion of smart manufacturing projects, strengthen project construction management and new project management, continue to promote cost innovation, implement three-year plan for capacity improvement of equipment management system, further deepen Reform, increase personnel training, continue to promote efficiency, make efforts to promote the basic site management, transform concepts and deeds and build excellent cadres etc..


Baowu Carbon Materials says that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, to implement the spirit of the first party congress of China Baowu and the deployment of 2019 annual operational conference and workers conference, to firmly insist on the leadership of our party, on deepening the reform, on the transformation and development, on the drive of innovation and on the strengthening company by talents, to implement the "two responsibilities", to promote party governance more deep and strict, to effectively promote the mechanism of organization, institutionalization and concreteness of the party committee with functions of "direction navigating, overall management, and implementation" to guarantee reform and development for the company in new era.  Baowu Carbon Materials calls on the cadres and staff to adhered to the initial aspiration and mission, to face boldly the transformation and upgrading and to create a new phase of high-level development of Baowu Carbon Materials.

Source:Baowu News Centre