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Independently integrating key process technologies, two grades higher than the international highest grade at present Baosteel Ltd. successfully developed the oriented silicon steel of the lowest loss in the world [ 2019-03-15 ]

 Recently, good news came for Baosteel Ltd.’s silicon steel product development, the independently developed 0.18 mm 060 grade (B18R060) silicon steel of extreme low core loss realized world debut, which is 2 grades higher than the highest grade in the world currently, and is the oriented silicon steel with the lowest loss in the world now. After 10 years’ continual brainstorming, Baosteel Ltd. has achieved world debut of 8 new oriented silicon steel products, successfully realizing complete coverage of all thick gauge oriented silicon steel highest grade of 0.18mm, 0.20 mm, 0.23 mm, 0.27 mm, 0.30 mm and 0.35 mm, among which, 4 specifications have the leading advantages of one and more grades.

Due to highly complicated manufacturing technology, and extremely narrow process window, high-end oriented silicon steel is hailed as “Pearl on the crown of steel”, which represents the comprehensive technological level of the steel manufacturing industry of a country. For a long time, China relied on import for high-end silicon steel products, which seriously affected national key engineering construction and power safety. In 2008, Baosteel Ltd. “Ten years for sharpening a sword”, successfully developed low temperature high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel manufacturing technology and realized industrialization, breaking the monopoly of foreign products in 330kV and above voltage grade large power transformer, taking the lead in localization of UHV AC and DC large power transformers, which are successively applied in national key projects such as “The Three Gorges”, “Two Du” and “Gehu” successfully, and energetically supported the healthy development of Chinese power industry.

Since 2010, Baosteel has been rapidly mastering the development trend of policy, market and technology. Under the support of the company’s gold apple technology field team project, “13th 5-year” national key R&D plan project and Shanghai municipal government project, it took the lead in China to carry out the research on manufacturing technology of two types of advanced new oriented silicon steel products, i.e. extreme low core loss characteristics and low magnetostriction characteristics, and good news came frequently in recent years.

In connection with the development of extreme low core loss oriented silicon steel, Baosteel Ltd. made overall technology innovation from product process to production facilities, successively realizing the world debut of 7 new products, i.e. B30R090, B27R080, B20P080, B18P080, B18R065, B20R065, B18R060, etc., and developing the new product of B23P085 which fills the domestic blank. The new product B18R060 is the oriented silicon steel of the lowest core loss in the world currently, which is approximately 15% lower than the international highest grade. In view of high efficiency environmental transformer application, Baosteel Ltd. concentrated on the study of electromagnetic property and processing characteristics of extreme low core loss new product, rapidly broke through transformer iron core electromagnetic simulation design optimization technology, B18P080 and B20P080 are the first to be used to manufacture the coiling core silicon steel distribution transformer exceeding National level 1 energy efficiency standard, the no-load loss is reduced by more than 20%, and the noise level is below 33dB; B18R060, B18R065, B20R065, B20R070, B23R070are the first to be used to manufacture the silicon steel laminated core distribution transformer  exceeding National level 1 energy efficiency standard, and the no-load loss is reduced by more than 30%; the new product B23R075 is the first to realize pilot application in Changji-Guquan 1100kV EHV DC power transmission project of the highest voltage grade, largest transmission capacity, longest transmission distance and most advanced technological level in the world; the new product B20R070 has been used to manufacture 110kV Baosteel rolling mill main transformer, and the no-load loss is reduced by approximately 50%.

In view of new product development of low magnetostriction characteristic oriented silicon steel, Baosteel Ltd. started with the key technologies such as improving Goss orientation consistency, and remarkably reduced the noise characteristics of the products; realizing world debut of B27R095-LM new product, successively developing the new product such as B30P120-LM, which fills the domestic blank. The high efficiency low noise transformers made of magnetostriction characteristic product have been extensively applied in the important landmark buildings with rigorous noise requirements, such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport terminal building, Xiamen Brics Summit main venue, etc. Compared with the transformer made of conventional same grade products, the noise reduction effect is 24dB, which is highly spoken of by transformer users and end users.

The new product B18R060 developed by Baosteel Ltd. is two grades higher than the highest grade oriented silicon steel in the current world. If this product is used to manufacture the transformers exceeding the present National Level 1  energy efficiency standard to replace China’s high energy consumption transformers, 90 billion kwh of electricity can be saved every year, which is equivalent to 90% of annual generating capacity of the Three Gorges Power Station. These R&D achievements not only mark that China’s oriented silicon steel manufacturing and application technologies have entered the world leading rank, but also remarkably elevate the overall technological level and comprehensive competitiveness of related strategic emerging industries, which powerfully support China’s strategy of powerful manufacturing country and energy conservation and emission reduction.

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