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Tar Resource Guarantee Agreement, Negative Material Project Cooperation Framework Agreement and Carbon Material Integration Project Start Construction of Baowu Wuhai Carbon Material Industrial Park "three arrows in one shot" [ 2019-03-19 ]

 On the morning of March 15, Baowu Carbon Material Industrial Park, located in Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, ushered in an important node of "three arrows in one shot" in the construction of the project: Baowu Carbon Material and Wuhai City signed a tar resources guarantee agreement, Baowu Carbon Material and JFE Chemical Industry signed a cooperation framework agreement for lithium battery anode materials project, Carbon Material Integration Project held start-up activities. This indicates that the development of Baowu carbon materials industry in Wuhai has entered a new stage, and the cooperation between Baowu and JFE has made new achievements.

Chen Derong, Secretary and Chairman of the CPC Committee of Baowu, Zhang Shaochun, Vice-Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 柿木厚司, President of JFE Iron and Steel Corporation, Shi Wanjun, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Wuhai City, Zhang Jingang, Vice-General Manager of Baowu, and relevant comrades in charge of Haibowan District of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Wuhai City, Baowu, and relevant leaders of JFE Group, JFE Chemical Industry and Yellow River Group were present, sign a contract and cut the ribbon for the project. Baoye, Vice Mayor of Wuhai City, and Xu Tongjian, General Manager of Baowu Carbon Material signed the tar resources guarantee agreement on behalf of both sides. Mr. Lin Xiuzhen, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Baowu Carbon Material Co., Ltd. and Mr. Suzuki, President of JFE Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation framework agreement on the project of 30,000 tons lithium battery anode material on behalf of both sides.

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the construction of ecological civilization. They put forward the idea of vigorously promoting the construction of ecological civilization, establishing the concept of respecting, conforming to and protecting nature, putting the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position and integrating it into all aspects and processes of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction and social construction. We should focus on promoting green development, cyclical development and low-carbon development. The construction of ecological civilization and the new energy industry are naturally linked, and they complement each other.

The first Party Congress of Baowu drew up the blueprint of the group's development, proposed to achieve high-quality development, and planned the strategic industrial layout of "one base and five elements", clearly taking "carbon-based new materials" industry as the key development direction. Baowu Carbon Material, as the carrier of the Group's strategic development task of carbon-based new materials, makes full use of China's largest tar processing capacity and resources, and through years of unremitting efforts, has established advantages in needle coke, high-end asphalt and other products. In the past two years, Baowu Carbon Material is promoting the industrial layout of carbon materials such as graphite electrode, lithium battery negative material, carbon fiber and so on. The goal is to become leader in carbon materials industry.

Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, is located in the junction area of Ningxia, Mongolia, Shaanxi and Gansu economic zone and the central area along the Yellow River economic belt. It is a window for Inner Mongolia to open to the West and to the south, and an important node city with "one belt and one road". In December 2017, Baowu Carbon Material signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Carbon Material Industrial Park Project" with the people's government of Wuhai City, which clearly defined the use of local resources and energy advantages to develop the carbon material industry. This is the result of mutual trust, mutual complementarity and win-win cooperation between the two sides over the years. It is also the concerted action of the two sides to actively respond to the national and regional coordinated development strategy.

In order to further guarantee the landing of the project of the Carbon Material Industrial Park, the two sides agreed that Wuhai Baohua Wanchen Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Baowu Carbon Material and Yellow River Group, would invest in the construction of a 50,000-ton needle-shaped coke production line project in Qianli Mountain Industrial Park of Wuhai City. The city of Wuhai promulgated relevant policies and measures to ensure the tar resources required for the project of the Carbon Material Industrial Park. The needle coke products produced by the project will be used as raw materials for the artificial graphite anode material project to be built in the follow-up of the Carbon Material Industrial Park. The tar resource guarantee agreement signed by Wuhai municipal government and Baowu Carbon Material not only lays a solid foundation for the supply of raw materials needed for subsequent production of carbon materials, but also helps to accelerate the development of circular economy industry in Wuhai region, promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industries, and promote the further vitality of the upstream industrial chain while ensuring the steady development of new material industry.

According to the planned positioning of the lithium battery anode material project, Baowu Carbon accelerated the search for sources and project promotion of the partners of the lithium battery anode project from the beginning of 2018. After many efforts, Baowu Carbon Material and JFE Chemical Company of Japan have reached an agreement on the feasibility study of the project of co-investing in the construction of 30,000 tons of lithium battery anode material production line in the Carbon Material Industrial Park. JFE Chemicals currently mainly carries out the business of battery materials (negative materials) in the Japanese market. China has become the world's largest electric vehicle market. The huge demand for battery materials (negative materials) as a major component is worth looking forward to.

Lin Xiuzhen and Gao Wujiu, chairman of Baosteel Technical Service Co., Ltd. and Jia Qingdong, Secretary of the Haibowan District Committee, all the participants in the construction activities indicated that they should rely on the technology accumulation of Baowu in China for many years, rely on the unique comparative advantages of Wuhai, strengthen cooperation, concentrate on and work hard to promote the early completion and commissioning of the project, and strive to become East-West cooperation. A model for development projects.

Source:Baowu News Centre